Drones – The coolest gadgets


Drones, though, a lot like the helicopter and a remote-controlled plane in terms of functioning, is more specialized, largely because it is an unmanned flying machine useful in places which are dangerous and impossible for manned aircrafts to operate.

These flying objects were initially used for military purposes and now have become acceptable for certain commercial and home uses. The best benefits of these unmanned fliers are that they are cost efficient, have easy manoeuvrability and can produce useful outcome/ results.

The above benefits are probably why the camera drones have become exceedingly popular in the photography and filmmaking fields and have become one of the coolest range of children’s toys.

Do you wish to own a drone?

If you want to buy the coolest gadget in town, then decide what use you’ll make of it. Because these unmanned aircrafts primarily have 3 home and commercial uses and these are for photography, racing and as toys.

When you are buying your first flying machine it is best to start with a popular and basic model. You can pay under $1000 for this drone (click) and understand the nuances of the operation before you go in for pricier and complex models.

These small aircrafts though fun and manoeuvrable require certain flying skills and the prices are determined accordingly. It is more like a price versus simple-to-use balance. There are some cool gadgets which can fly easily and come in a $700- 1000 price range. And the more expensive ones have additional sensors and functionality to the flight controllers inside.

The DJI Phantom 4

Most flying gadget enthusiasts would recommend a budgeted model to a beginner. However, the DJI Phantom 4 cheap seems to have taken the market by storm and is a sought-after choice by novices as well as the experienced.

The Phantom 4 seems to be more suave and efficient than its competitors in the same range.

It is at best a camera-drone with the ability to sense GPS signals. There is an Obstacle Sensing System which prevents head-on collision and crashes making it a good choice for the newbies and gives a reliable yet powerful flight performance. It is great in tracking and orbiting the subjects. The slow-motion option is a great add-on.

One of the major drawbacks is that it comes with only one battery and because the landing gear and camera are fixed to the body, it becomes a little tedious to carry it when travelling and there’s no way you can change or upgrade the camera.

Though critics say that this gadget is expensive, the DJI Phantom 4 cheap is possible when you compare the online prices.

Cool outdoor gadgets for kids

The unmanned aircrafts or toy drones have become a very popular outdoor activity for kids and even adults too. Children love operating and controlling these flying toys which are great in developing their concentration and reflexes.

As gadgets that are trendy and slick, all kids will like this drones which looks cool, is easy to fly and does a bit of indoor flying and stable in the outdoors.

When you speak of good toy drones, the Akaso X5-C for kids and grownups is a great option. The Akaso X5C quadcopter can do a smooth 360-degree flip and a powerful barrel roll. It comes with a built-in high resolution and high definition camera which is useful for aerial photography.


Determine the purpose of your purchase, understand the features, pros, and cons of these objects, and make an informed decision.