Is The Temperature Rising? Get A Wine Cooler Today!

Now that the summer is upon us, all we can think of is a chilled can of beer or a glass of wine to cool us down at the end of the day. However, with regular wine and beer coolers, space becomes an issue. Most wine coolers come in the form of cellars that make us cringe at the thought of trying to fit them into our already cramped house. So what do we do? We take a look at the beverage coolers that are available in the market and find out the ones that meet our preferences.

Review: Wine Cooler and Beer Cooler

Haier: Setting new standards

A wine cooler need not necessarily be huge and spacious. When you think of a beverage cooler that can chill and store up to 150 odd 12-ounce cans, you now have Haier – small Wine and Beer Cooler to buy! Occupying much lesser in terms of space while accommodating your 150 favorite bottles or cans, this cooler is worth the money and attention.

It has an adjustable thermostat that keeps your beverages as chilled as you want them to. Its glass door is reversible and has a recessed handle. The lower bottle rack can be removed to accommodate more or bigger bottles accordingly. Its automatic defrosting option keeps storage and maintenance hassle-free.

NewAIR wine fridge (reviews HQ)

Coming to yet another beverage cooler that is as popular as Haier, the NewAIR wine fridge also has a good number of features to offer. If you are a wine enthusiast, this will be your perfect home accessory.

Different types of beverages are cooled in this fridge. You can store up to 28 bottles of wine on the sleek chrome racks that can be pulled out. It is powered by a thermoelectric cooling system that operates without making much noise or vibration. Your wine is always maintained at the perfect temperature and neither the texture nor the quality is compromised.

This fridge has attractive exteriors and can blend in with any kind of décor. It also features an electronic touchpad control along with a digital display. This makes it easy for the refrigerator to monitor and control its internal temperature.

Yet another feature of this beverage cooler is its LED lighting system. This illuminates your priceless collection without creating additional heat that might affect the quality of your wine.

There are 6 chrome racks that can be easily pulled out. This eases the process of adding more items to your collection without disturbing the other bottles. Powered by a compressor-free cooling system, it maintains a noise and vibration- free operation. With the inclusion of a double-paned door, your beverages are always kept at an ideal temperature.

This refrigerator uses minimal energy to run and keep your bottles in optimal conditions. This is because of the fact that it does not depend upon a compressor.

Hopefully, this review of wine and beer coolers will help you to make an informed choice. From a number of products in the market, these two are highly popular picks because of the features that they offer.